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You could call us the "Everything Store"... we source a constantly changing array of products at competitive prices! Visit our store regularly so you don't miss the Great Deals!


Massive Deal on LED Microdot Light Strings ***SOLD OUT***

***SOLD OUT*** Pack of 4 strings of 50 microdot LED lights each! Battery-powered so that you can use them in many applications. Beautiful for decor! Surplus Sam’s regular price – $8.99 (Retail $11.99) NOW ON SALE FOR AN ADDITIONAL 50% OFF!!! Thats only $4.49! Come in now while supplies last!


Locked Safes – Make me an offer!? ***SOLD***

We have 11 safes in the store in two varieties as pictured. All but a few of them came to us locked with unknown contents! Make me an offer on all of them, and have some fun opening them and finding out what is inside (if anything). If you’re able to get them open and […]


Have fun on the water this summer!

You know you need it! We have several large inflatable towable thingamajigs in store, to make your summer fun! They are used, but the price is right! Call or visit the store for more details.



Did you know that we often carry instruments? Usually just guitars and electric pianos, but sometimes we get other instruments in the store. At the time of this writing we have a student model trumpet and flute in the store! Come check them out!


SOLD Hot Tub! Very Low Price!!! SOLD

SOLD – This awesome round hot tub came to us a little while ago in used condition with no known history! We were able to plug it in and figure out that everything seems to run, but we have not tested it with water in it, and therefore we are selling for a door-crashing $300, […]